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About us

Hello, and welcome to my store. 

I am a full time working mother from Singapore, and MOMO + BUBS was started as a passion project to sell beautiful, premium quality bed linen and other nursery essentials - including quilts, swaddles, bibs, clothing and more - in a range of soothing, timeless and dreamy colours and prints. I like to describe them as little luxuries for little ones.

All of our products are designed by me with heaps of love and bucketfuls of attention to detail for babies to enjoy, and to make life simpler for parents. This means providing you with fewer good quality products that are essentials, ensuring that everything we sell is machine washable because parents of little ones don't have time for hand washing delicate items, and minimal or reusable packaging because so much goes to waste.

Finally, everything I sell has been snuggle-tested by my son, Elijah, who is my sun, my moon and all of my stars (I love you too, hubs!). He's the reason I find the strength and inspiration to pursue this passion late into the night after my day job, and when he's sound asleep. Because I want him to grow up believing he can move mountains, as long as he works hard at it.

Thank you for supporting a dream!