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Caring For Your Muslin

  • Do hand wash or machine wash your muslin on a gentle cycle with cool water up to 40deg celsius with a baby safe detergent. I personally have used Babyganics, Soapnut Republic and Method (Ginger & Mango is my favourite!), and love them all.
  • Please do not bleach your muslin.
  • Air drying your muslin is best. It is possible to put your muslin in the dryer, however, please use a low heat and expect some shrinkage and additional creases on your items.
  • It is safe to wash your muslin from MOMO + BUBS together, even if they are of different colours as our colours do not run.
  • If you are washing your muslin with items that have button snaps, do snap them shut so they do not snag on the fabric during the wash.
  • Avoid washing your muslin with items that have velcro, as the velcro can damage the muslin and cause piling.
  • Muslin is a delicate fabric that attracts lint, so if you find that your muslin comes out of the wash covered in lint, do check your water pump or lint filter. If they are full, the lint from other loads might flow back into the wash and get stuck on the muslin.
  • For items that come out of the wash covered in lint, try washing them again, but this time adding vinegar to the wash to help loosen the lint.